Jeff Townsend

SpecialityCritical Minerals Association (UK) - Founder & CEO

Jeff has 20 years of experience working in the political sphere of Westminster, Capitol Hill and the Southern African Development Community.
His expertise in foreign affairs and international development has led him to advise senior Ministers, ambassadors and national leaders. Jeff is an expert at political strategy, campaigning and communications and has transferred these skills into the private sector providing political advice to FTSE100 and S&P500 companies. Jeff was born on a mine in Carltonville, South Africa and grew up in mining communities around the world following his father who worked in the sector. In 2011 he began the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group on International Mining and more recently founded the Critical Minerals Association and its political platform, the APPG Critical Minerals in Westminster. Jeff is a Director of a bespoke lobbying and finance firm.

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